Shipment of your order will be made once the order is validated and full payment received.
The delivery of parcels is made by carriers independents of Sea Art Gallery.
Preparation and sending of the order ( for articles currently in stock ) are made within 48 business hours following confirmation of the reception of your payment.
Delivery cost and delay vary according to the options selected when completing the order. Delivery charges are calculated at the moment that you make your choices.

Your shipment will be sent via DHL, Chronopost, or Air mail ( preferential rate = your parcel will be sent through the first plane )
The estimated delivery delays are given, via Chronopost: (in business days ):

  • To France: 3 to 4 days.
  • To other european countries: 7 days.
  • To North America: 7 days.

( NOTE: delivery in Canada may take longer due to canadian customs manual processing of
Chronopost works in partnership with Fedex and Ups when operating in North America.

  • To French Polynesia: 7 days.
  • To other countries: 10 to 12 days.

The least expensive shipment ( via Air mail ), is the longest as it involves more operators, contrary to private carriers that handle the envoy from end to end.
Also, bear in mind that there is no tracking number for air mail package.

These delivery times are given only as an indication and do not take into account possible delays for Customs inspection and processing. Please, remember that these delivery times are those of the carriers and Sea Art Gallery cannot be held responsible for additional delays as soon as the parcel passes into the care of the carrier.
Delays may result from strikes, overload of postal services in times of holidays, or exceptional circumstances.
Sea Art Gallery cannot be held responsible of a delay in delivery due only to the unavailability of the Customer after requests of appointment by the carrier.

Any delay in delivery should be notified to us by e-mail as soon as possible so that Sea Art Gallery may carry out a research with the carrier.
You will be kept informed of developments. This may take some time as we do not ourselves carry out the research.
If, in the course of the investigation, the order is located , it will immediately be forwarded to its destination.
If, following the investigation, the loss of the parcel is confirmed, Sea Art Gallery will send you a replacement order identical to the first, or, if unavailable, will refund you the sum of the undelivered order in full.