Payments can be made by:

  • Credit card
  • Wire transfer

By credit card:


You can choose to make your payment via our secure online payment page: your banking information will be processed through an online payment platform (epay nc) and we won’t have access, at any time to your credit card information.
Select your mode of payment after validating your caddy, and enter your credit card information.
We will email you a confirmation of your payment and your order.

Online payment via mobile payment terminal

you may also carry out payment by communicating your credit card information via our site or by telephone: payment validation is instantaneous and we will email you confirmation of the payment and the order.

Wire transfer payment:

You may choose bank transfer as a method of payment: upon selecting this payment option on the check out page, our bank details will be communicated to you;
Your order will be processed as soon as we get confirmation of your payment. We will email
you notification of your payment and confirmation of the order.
Transfer fees are the customer’s responsibility.
The buyer has 7 days to realize the transfer, passed which, the order will automatically be cancelled.