Sea Art is a family business begun in 1984 and located in New Caledonia, in the heart of the Pacific Ocean.
Our jewelry takes its inspiration in the motifs used by the South Pacific peoples and american indian art of the North-West Pacific.
By combining mother of pearl from the South Pacific with our designs inspired by the tattoo motifs of the Marquesas Islands and North-West Coast indian art , we create new and unique jewelry for the joy of your eyes and soul.
Our aim is to present you with esthetic creations, endowed with sense, of durable quality, to be worn in every circumstance.
Our service to the client is a priority, and we shall welcome your ideas and suggestions.

Our team:

Mark is our software specialist, dealing with everything technological in the family business.
He likes photography, insects and drones and to ride his horse.
Mick does the carvings that you can buy on our site*.And much more that is not on the site.
He likes drawing, exploring and dreaming. (* pretty soon )
Jack is a carver and engraver, and the creative mind in the family. He likes to think about what others don’t, in general.
Last but not least is Ellen, whose magic hands turn our prep work into the beautiful jewelry that you can buy on our site.
She makes other people’s life miserable, ensuring that everything is done correctly and on time.