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Our South Pacific collection gets its inspiration from traditional motifs used by tatoo artists of the Marquesas islands from olden times.

At the beginning of the XX th century, there still were a large number of men and women whose bodies were completely tattooed with symbolic drawings. These drawings conferred those adorned with them, beauty and prestige in the human society, as well as power and protection in the world of myths and dreams. These patterns, through their meanings, acted as a link between human beings and the underlying spiritual powers of creation: ancestors, sky, earth, ocean and creatures, real or mythical, that populate them.
Ceremonial objects such as food bowls, canoe paddle blades, weapons and adornments were decorated with motifs mirrored in tatoo designs, uniting through beauty and sensuality, human everyday life with the spirit-world. The distinctions between these worlds were then abolished through the circular movement of vital energy.

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Showing 25 - 37 of 37 items