Pendant ANEWA



General product features

Type: Abalone, Edulis or Pinctada
Material: cotton, mother-of-pearl
Clasp type: adjustable string
Shape Code: RS-015

Description pendant anewa

Our jewelry is designed and manufactured in New Caledonia, in the heart of Oceania from mother-of-pearl of the South Pacific to which motifs are applied, then covered with resin for protection and a perfect finish.

In addition to options that will allow you to fit your jewelry to your fancy (type of MOP, reversibility*, dimension, colour*), we can also give life to your own creation. To this effect, you will only have to send us the motif of your choice via the pro forma request link.

*We use mother-of-pearl from cultivated oyster shells: silvery-grey-black pearl oyster from Tahiti ( Pinctada ), white freshwater pearl oyster ( Edulis ), or from blue New Zealand abalone ( Paua shell ).
*Our pendants and necklaces may be one-faced ( MOP with a motif, on one side only ), or reversible ( MOP on both sides ), which enables you to wear your necklace on any side, according to your fancy, as two different pieces of jewelry.
* According to type of necklace or choice of colours, the string will be leather or cotton.
*Please, note that colours may vary slightly from photos: this is due to the configuration of the computer screen.

All our models are trademark